Friday Faves: 2.26.16


As I continue what has so far been a futile attempt at a semblance of work-life balance, a few good reads..

(yes, I will update)

Table for One: Pulling Up a Chair for Solo Diners

Why hasn’t this been done before? Why is this new? In my head restaurants have been accommodating traveling businessmen for decades, right? Perhaps this is more a nod to the casual solo diner, with more time on their hands and whose reason for eating is pure enjoyment. It still strikes me as odd that this took so long to happen, but I’m certainly taking advantage of it!

Single women are now the most potent political force in America

Ok, so I’ll warn you now… if you’ve read the last few of my #FridayFaves women-centered links and then read this…you may stay single for a while. I take nooooo responsibility 🙂

A Composer and His Wife: Creativity Through Kink

But wait! There’s hope! Yet another sweet look at how great life can be when you have the audacity to define it for yourself. Look what Love did.


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