#FridayFaves 1.1.16

I can’t believe it’s 2016. I’m still trying to function on this last long weekend for a good while. Anyway, here’s a few things that were super-cool.

The Desire Map Audiobook

I am normally not a “listener”, as my memory leans toward the visual. But the book did not emotionally connect to me until I listened to it, which has made me reconsider the entire medium. I’m looking at my book pile now to decide what I can switch over to audio!

The latest entry in Modern Love

I have no idea why I love it so much. It’s a fun look at giving it a go when you’re tired of trying. Maybe I needed to read it since I’m already so tired of trying.

The Time’s 52 Places to Go

I’m aware the new list comes out in a few weeks. But it is so lovely to look at. And a great springboard to plan for my next trip abroad.

My Bucket List

I’ve been so preoccupied with bearing down and enduring the year that I didn’t notice I quietly checked off some boxes in my bucket list column. I attended not one, but two “‘I gotta see them sing before they quit this thing” concerts, went to my first live UFC bout, left the country alone and enjoyed my first tasting menu at a restaurant for my birthday! My goal this year is to definitely add some more big ones on there…but also, to notice when they happen this time. Where was I? Goodness.


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