New Year, Better Me; The Gut-Check

What have you been up to in this last month of the year?

#December reading and revisiting. #NewYear #SelfCare

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Usually I take December off from everything digital, start a fitness challenge and do some yummy dreaming sessions on where I’d like the New Year to go and how I’d like to feel. This time around, I thought it would be fun to share my process on Le Blog (ok, I may also be a bit lazy right now and need some public “accountability” to keep me going but who’s counting, right?) for those who might need somewhere to start on their New Year planning. With that said, let’s get right into my (least) favorite part-


We spend almost 2/3rds of our day at work, so this is usually where I start. And whenever I attack my workday, my handbook is Never Check Email in the Morning by Julie Morgenstern. 

Why do I start with work? Well…because I am a single woman who lives alone, and I have a ten-hour workday. Whether we are funding our “side hustles” or life outside of work, or putting in hours at the job of our dreams, work has increasingly taken up more and more of our days while our personal networks have been shrinking. The pressure to be constantly accessible brings work home, and our shrinking outside connections have us blurring the lines on where we seek approval, validation and worth. Work has caused me more sleepless nights than any string of bad dates could have, and it’s one of the things that is within my power to change and improve.

In that vein, Never Check Email was ahead of its time. I was gifted the book a few years ago at a trying time when the office went thru downsizing and my job description was in constant flux to fill the gaps. While I’d managed off the strength of my memory before tasks were slipping thru the cracks , and I inherited a new manager who considered every task urgent. I used Morgenstern’s tips to update my organizational system (and how I communicated with my boss) to catch up with my new responsibilities, and ever since I revisit once or twice a year to “keep in check”. Every time I revisit, I find a different section calls to a current challenge. This go-round, assessing value and checking where you draw value from are the lessons of the moment.

As the month continues I’ll be sharing more on year-end assessing, new-year planning (and how I kinda do and yet don’t do both), and things I’d like to keep and toss before I raise my champagne glass. Stick around, and hopefully you’ll see something that helps!


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