#FridayFaves: 12.4.15

This is just a little new thing I wanted to start because I draw inspiration from many sources (and also, I happen to come across dope shit every now and again). Rather than try to curate and translate what I think you should take from said dope shit, I thought it would be nice for a change to remember you guys are smart and let you draw your own conclusions. So, a weekly list of things that made me smile, think or move was born. Enjoy!

Tracy Anderson on Preventing Holiday Weight Creep

Every year I start a fitness challenge around Thanksgiving, and you already know I’m a devotee to the Method. Here, Anderson shares her tips for keeping stress and the holiday bulge at bay on GOOP. Oh! And while I’m at it, Tracy has a cool thing on her site where she highlights fellow TAM enthusiasts-and I was pleasantly surprised that one of her first features was a Woman of Color.

12 Things You Should Start Making Time for Again

I love Marc and Angel, and somehow their posts find me when I need them. This one reminded me I forgot to start my December social media break. Well, not all media…

My Instagram!

While I started the social media for this blog rather quietly, I’m finally carving out a space I actually like. So if you don’t see me here, I’m likely whipping some recipe up or collecting some writing material in the form of life experience over there.

Hot #coffee on a warm day? Don't mind if I do. #tableforone #foodpics

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Join in on the fun!


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