Happy Accidents

I’m going to go ahead and preface this with the warning that you should not attempt new recipes after chasing three god-children all afternoon around a water park.

Swordfish picatta

It seemed simple enough. I, the one who almost never makes “sauces” (you’ll note that on the blog; I usually eschew sauces and condiments in lieu of letting the star ingredients shine), decided on a simple picatta for the day’s catch I snagged at the farmers market. I’d tasted it at a restaurant while on holiday and thought it a great compliment to veggies.

It was all down from there.

I left the zucchini I wanted to purchase on the counter while grabbing some oil from the store, so I switched to kale and duck fat fries. Super-simple dinner; I just make the quick sauce, sear the fish while sorting the kale and melting duck fat, throw on the fries and saute the kale right?

That’s where it started but that isn’t where it ended. Ha!

I left the garlic sauteing too long in the butter and the roux behaved stubbornly when I added the broth. The lovely sear I was aiming for on my swordfish turned to char when I spent too long finding the new jar of duck fat after realizing the jar in the fridge barely had a spoonful. I fumbled around so much trying to fix both that I almost burned the fries and ruined the duck fat. Basically the only thing that came out the way I intended was the kale.

But did I turn that fish over and plate that bitch anyway?

Oh, you betcha.

Turns out the perhaps-a-bit-too-briny picatta perfectly complemented the bite of the kale, and under the char was a perfectly medium-well fish. And hey, who doesn’t like extra-crispy duck fat fries, right?

Dammit, sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches and make yourself some happy accidents.

Here’s to cold lemonade.


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