From the Drafts Folder: Well if You Liked it, Then Why….

“You make me happy.”

I had nestled into the only soft space on his body, right below his armpit, and settled in for the evening when the words slipped out. I froze, knowing what it meant.

“You make me happy.” he echoed. “That’s why I like spending time with you.”

It was then I started the countdown, because it was only a matter of time.

T-Minus First Exhale.

This time, it didn’t even make it past the month before I got “the talk”.
“Listen, you’re wonderful. I’ve ever felt more at peace then when we hang out. You are going to make a great wife. It’s just so fast.. I just got out of a relationship two years ago and I didn’t expect… I just need time to…”

At least this time I got the dignity of an explanation instead of a complete MIA.

It seems intimacy is at a premium these days.

Photo Credit: DeviantArt

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