The 4 Before 40; #NaBloPoMo Day 24

DAY 24// If babyhood is spring and young adulthood is summer, which age do you consider to be the start to the “autumn” of life?

I once had a boss that was everything I wanted to be at 65.

Over the course of her life she enjoyed a personally fulfilling career for which she was born to do (seriously, she was great at it), a lovely marriage to a husband supportive of her demanding (and entirely self-inflicted) work schedule, an exciting love-life post-widow-ship and so many stamps on her passport you’d think she was a diplomat. She has traveled down the Colorado and Amazon rivers, rode elephants, donkeys and camels, and has a particular multi-continent love tale that would make Joan Collins blush.

Mind you, none of this occurred before she was 37.

So while I don’t exactly rest on my laurels, I’m not super-obsessed with what I might be missing due to the passage of time. Which is why I rarely make “lists” such as these. However, there are a few things I would like to check off my list before the start of the “fall season” of my life, if nothing more than to be properly prepared for the fun to come:

Give my inner child the fun she has long deserved- As a product of the South Bronx, there were a few things I missed out on in order to um…stay safe-mainly, outdoor play. While we did get the privilege of attending summer camps, I unfortunately didn’t get much of a chance to try all the activities you need weeks to learn and practice-like riding a bike, roller-blading and swimming. And while I could likely live the rest of my life just fine without ever learning…I don’t have to. So why not now? Besides, bike riding is a fun date. Speaking of which…

Go on a couple’s road trip- I know what you’re thinking with this one but trust me, I did it in reverse-all of my super-dope travel stories are solo trips! Grand Canyon, Acadia National Park, Amsterdam, backpacking in Central America, all were adventures I took on alone. And while they were fun and fulfilling…I’d like a few stories for which I don’t say, “oh, you had to be there”. I want to get lost, take a few cheesy photos, have a candle-lit dinner or two and share an inside joke. But in order for a road trip to happen I’d likely need to…

Make use of this damn license- While it’s a long story I will likely expound upon, the short of it is I learned to drive and obtained my license in the middle of a very hard time. I was not in a condition to be on the road so once I moved back to a city where I didn’t need to drive I never took it back up. And every time I have to ask someone to drive me somewhere I pinch myself for not continuing to practice. So it’s definitely one of the most important to me, getting back on the road as a healthy individual. And lastly…

Embrace my creative-As we speak I am packing to move to another apartment, and I came across my old container of work. There’s a half-finished book of writing, a notebook with script ideas, a sketchbook, and ballet shoes. I don’t know when suppressing this side of me became a thing, but it is something I’d like to go back to. Maybe as we get older we “put childish things away”, but if I’m indulging my inner child and my inner impulsive I might as well go full-throttle, no?

So that’s mine! Anyone have any lofty goals for 40?

**This post was also inspired by my boo over at Now a Word or Two! Check out her list!

**Photo Credit: DeviantArt


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