#NaBloPoMo Day 9: ‘Tis the…Cuffing Season?

DAY 9// Is there any fall flavor that turns your stomach?

When I think of fall I see cider, warm pies, long walks and foliage.

You know what I don’t think of?

A mad dash to find a warm body for the winter.

Affectionately titled “Cuffing Season”, the first cooler breeze signals the hunt for a partner with whom to share the covers on the cold nights ahead. Not to be confused with actually looking for a partner, cuffing season is strictly meant for light seasonal companionship. Now, while I’ve always thought it to be a joke, it apparently is serious enough to warrant articles…

Like THIS one.

And THIS one.

And even a “SURVIVAL GUIDE”.

Like…when did this become a thing?

Maybe I’m taking this too seriously, but I can’t help but wonder if we are so starved for genuine connections that we will use a season to entertain any ol’ body..just to have one around. Or hey, maybe after the last few trying months we need something fun and frivolous to take our mind off all that freedom fighting. Who knows? But personally while this fall “flavor” may not necessarily “turn my stomach”…I’m not a giant fan of casual connections. So I thought of a few things I’ll be making a mad dash for instead:


I’ve spoken before on how much of a toll this year of change has been taking on me, and lately the stress has manifested itself in not-so-healthy eating and sleeping habits, and reduced exercise. Instead of hibernating for the colder months, I usually take that time to cocoon myself in the gym and home inventing healthy yummy dishes so I emerge better than ever for the spring and summer! Fall is a great time to re-commit to your health and fitness routine.


Many successful and artistic people I admire swear by a strict, and rather boring morning routine to start off their day with a clear head and a clean slate. Having a set routine at the beginning of the day allows your mind the freedom of chaotic thought, where great ideas are born. I figure I can start any time, so why not now?


I have developed a bit of a reputation as the girl who always looks like she’s ready to leave. This year will see me moving into a new casa (more on that later) with plenty of decorating and hosting opportunities!


I’ve. Been. Horrible. Getting acclimated to new environments takes a strain on my “interaction battery” so I’ve been shunning events and invites lately. Like, a lot of them. Like, “girl, are you alive?”-level hibernation. So if I’m going to be putting myself out there, I’d rather do it with company I actually enjoy. And who knows who I’ll meet along the way?


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