Stag Series: My Favorite Date (#NaBloPoMo Day 7)

DAY 7// Tell us about your favorite autumnal edible treat.

When was the last time you took yourself out on a date?

And WHY isn’t this a tradition, hmm?

Hands down, my favorite “first” date is a dessert date. A guy took me out for cupcakes once and I never looked back. It’s stress-free, there’s no obligation to make it long, you don’t have to dress up or act pretentious (it’s cheap) and you can always keep the date going if it goes well!

If you’re wondering…it didn’t. But the seed was planted.

Since then I have made a dessert date with myself a bi-monthly tradition. Just me, a cute-but-comfy getup, a book (or the Kindle-app on my phone) and a big cup of coffee. And as such, I’ve acquired a few haunts that I consider favorites. One of my absolute faves is Betty Bakery!

Located a few blocks away from the Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue, Betty’s is a cornucopia of confections, a haven of yum. While their specialty (and main business) is elaborately designed special-occasion cakes and custom pies, they supplement this with a small front where they sell more portable treats, such as homemade Twinkies and single-servings of their pies and cakes. And while my summer is filled with sweet mouthfuls of their excellent key-lime pie, from October on?

It’s all about the Pumpkin Pie with in-house whipped cream.


I can’t even describe this not-too-sweet, not-too spicy perfection laid upon the flakiest of crusts. Ice-cold, warm, a-la mode, alone with coffee, topped with meringue, I have literally eaten every version of this pie they have ever made-and I’m a sweet potato pie lover! It’s so good I don’t share. Don’t you ask me for a bit of my pie, dawg. Get your own.

It’s my absolute favorite treat, and my favorite date.

How about you? Any favorite solo-date traditions?


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