#NaBloPoMo Day 3: Smells Like Home

DAY 3// Which smell lets you know that it is autumn?

The absolute best part of fall is I get back in my kitchen! After a season full of rooftop brunches, al-fresco dinners and day-parties, I’m eager to get back in and make all of the yummy comfort food that signals the season. I’m looking forward to a house full of the fall smells I’ve come to love; the nutty aroma of mushrooms, the sweet smell of calabasa and butternut squash, being met at the door with the rich scent of a slow-cooked stew, and of course the comforting blanket of cocoa and warm smoothies.

While I haven’t gotten around to it, October is a great month for me to get started on the original purpose of this blog! After finding myself living alone for the first time after around ten years of being an “other half”, the Universe blessed me with a delicious challenge: how could this leftover-averse kitchenista create the dishes she loved again (but abandoned for “his” favorites, as acts of service is my love language), but for a much smaller audience? Cookbooks weren’t giving me what I needed, as they all called for fresh ingredients that couldn’t be purchased in single amounts without being super-expensive; and new creations by my favorite bloggers were all in servings of eight that couldn’t be divided without compromising consistency. So I got to work; experimented with dried goods, threw together spice blends and tried my hand at manipulating frozen fruits and vegetables (I know..) and learned a whole lot about myself in the process. So I thought it would be a great idea to chronicle my journey through my favorite dishes (and of course, write them somewhere so I wouldn’t forget), which brings us here. And, while this wasn’t exactly the point of this post, I thought it would be a great time to explain how I got to “My Table for One”. So grab a fork and a napkin and come along!

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